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Understanding The Side Effects Of Heroin Addiction

The United States industry of addiction is valued at $48 billion today and is constantly growing. This highlights the seriousness of the substance abuse epidemic today. 

People are using all sorts of substances today, including heroin. If you or someone that you know is struggling with this form of addiction, you need to understand how to handle it, starting by recognizing the main signs and effects. 

The tips in this article will let you know all about heroin addiction and what you can do about it. 

Frequent Seizure Episodes

Dealing with frequent seizures can be a shock to someone who has never dealt with epileptic issues before. 

When addicted to heroin, many people begin experiencing seizures on a regular basis. These episodes can be quite scary and unnerving and can strike out of nowhere.

Many people also deal with seizures during the recovery process as they go through detox and withdrawals. This is why it is so crucial to get recovery care under the guided assistance of professionals. These professionals are skilled at helping people contend with the effects of drug addiction so that they can overcome it and get their lives back in order.

The Potential to Contract HIV

One of the biggest problems of heroin is that it is injected into the bloodstream using a needle. Many people who use heroin regularly make the grave mistake of sharing needles, using needles, or using needles that they cannot verify are clean and safe.

This dramatically increases the potential for contracting HIV and developing AIDS. Since this is a fatal situation, you need to get the help of a qualified addiction recovery professional. These professionals can monitor the situation, help with your recovery, and it makes certain that you are able to get your life back in order.

A Series of Respiratory Problems

Next, people also deal with so many respiratory issues when they abuse heroin. Some of these potential respiratory issues include pulmonary problems, labored breathing, pneumonia systems symptoms, and bronchitis.

These issues can make your waking life miserable and can lead to a series of infections and other issues.

Issues With Collapsed Veins

Anytime you are habitually injecting drugs into your system, you are also abusing your circulatory system. You might run the risk of collapsing your veins so that they no longer work the way that they should. 

When you deal with collapsed veins, your blood won’t flow as freely, which can lead to blockages and even bigger issues. 

Several Mental Health Issues

Aside from the physical symptoms, there is always a litany of mental health problems that you will contend with when addicted to heroin. Heroin use can help you lose your mental faculties and puts you in a serious position of distress and delirium. Heroin can create a variety of mood swings that also hurt your mental health, and can put you in a state of severe depression and worse. 

Some people who suffer from heroin addiction also end up contemplating suicide or having other severe mental health issues. It can be badly damaging to your psyche, which can cause a long-term and intense road to recovery. 

It’s important to recognize that recovering from addiction requires holistic living, which includes getting a handle on your mental health. Bouncing back from such issues can require you to get psychological counseling and perhaps taking anti-depressants and other medications. 

The Potential for Overdose and Death

Of course, you are dealing with the potential risk of overdose and death whenever you take heroin. This is a potent and powerful drug, and the consequences of using it even recreationally can be fatal. 

Many people each year die from drug overdoses, and you are playing a dangerous game by experimenting with such substances. Recognizing the high potential for fatal consequences makes recovering from heroin addiction incredibly important in the long run. Quitting this substance can save your life, which is why you should give your health and well-being the highest priority by getting the help that you need. 

A Severe Addiction That Is Difficult to Recover From

Another strong effect of heroin addiction is that it is incredibly difficult to recover from. Heroin is one of the most highly addictive substances that you can take, and many people try and fail to overcome this addiction. 

The longer you take it, the harder it will be for you to bounce back from this addiction. Opioid addiction is at alarming numbers right now, which is a big reason that addiction detox centers are growing in popularity and use. 

Coma and Cardiac Issues

Finally, there is always the potential for falling into a coma or dealing with cardiac issues. People who abuse heroin regularly might put themselves at risk for stroke and heart attack. 

Some people are able to bounce back from a coma with their lives and health intact, but that’s also no guarantee. These are perilous issues that can be life-altering or life-threatening. 

Deal With Your Heroin Addiction

These issues are always in play whenever you are dealing with a heroin addiction. If you have made the mistake of becoming addicted to heroin, it’s important that you get the recovery assistance that you need. 

When help and getting your life back in order are your priorities, we’re the company that you need to consult with. Altitude Recovery Community can assist you when you’re trying to overcome a heroin addiction. For support or information, get in touch with us online or call us at (866) 921-4945.