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Aftercare Planning Center in Southern California

Altitude Recovery Community offers extensive aftercare planning to ensure you have the best chance at success in long-term recovery.

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Introduction to Aftercare

Getting sober and staying sober are different. Aftercare plan is essential since seeking drug or alcohol treatment results from consequences. It’s hard to remember life in recovery after getting sober. Romanticizing drug and alcohol use, inability to remember, and lack of practice lead to many relapses. Leaving rehab may make you nervous; that’s normal. You lack practice living a sober life right after addiction treatment. You wonder if you can live sober, but recognize rehab work and aftercare support. The person who came to detox is not there anymore; no need to resurrect them.

After leaving rehab, you’ll have recovery resources and tools. Some techniques are learned in reiki, art, or yoga therapy. The outcome of cognitive behavioral therapy and skills groups. Lastly, you meet many friends and connections from treatment.

Early sobriety can be challenging; drug addiction aftercare helps navigate it. The goal is to remain sober, but the risk of relapse is present. It may take more than one attempt to stay sober. Relapse isn’t the end; learn from it. Drug addiction aftercare prevents and aids recovery from relapse.

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We Work With Most Major Insurance.

Altitude Recovery Community works with most major PPO & POS insurance plans that cover out-of-network benefits. Additionally, we will work so you have little to no out-of-pocket costs when it comes to getting help for substance use disorder at our luxury drug rehab in Camarillo, CA. You can find out your benefits and coverage for treatment. Click the button below to get a free benefits check right now.

Our treatment program is unable to accept Medi-Cal, Medicaid, or Medicare plans at this time; however, please feel free to contact us for a list of programs that do.

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What Happens After I Complete Rehab?

Leaving rehab facility may feel a bit like going home for the first time. You’ll be both looking forward to your newfound independence and a bit scared of how to handle it. Much of what your life will look like after rehab may be determined by what your everyday life looked like before rehab. If your living situation was a healthy one, you might return to it and continue drug rehab aftercare from there. However, if your pre-treatment living arrangements weren’t serving you, you should consider exploring living in a sober house. 

Residing in a sober living facility may better support your life in recovery, particularly in the early days. You might also participate in outpatient rehab and choose to attend meetings at peer support recovery groups such as twelve-step fellowships. Your aftercare plan, much like your entire treatment plan, will be tailored to you. The treatment team customizes your plan for sobriety at admission and throughout your treatment.

Your relapse prevention plan may read like a flow chart. It may include “if/then” statements to help you navigate your cravings and urges to use because the truth is that you will be tempted to use again. Finally, aftercare can help you to move through those temptations without relapsing. 


Our drug & alcohol detox program in California offers a safe & effective medical withdrawal management in the comfort of our residential setting.

Residential Inpatient

Once detox is completed, you will begin your personalized residential inpatient treatment program, designed to treat your individual needs.


Recovery is a life-long process. Once you leave our program, the work doesn't stop. We will ensure you are set up for success in recovery.

Keeping You Connected to Recovery

The Benefits of Aftercare &
Continued Treatment

Researchers found that aftercare boosts recovery success. Drug rehab aftercare fosters connections and builds a support network. Lean on others during bad days and have fun on good days. If addiction left you isolated, aftercare and peer groups engage you in recovery process. Continue clearing wreckage and navigate early sobriety through aftercare’s tools.

Imagine using drugs for a decade, oblivious to the changing world. Creating a drug-free life means reentering a changed world with new coping tools like mindfulness and meditation. In rehab, you can’t fully test these tools. After leaving, aftercare lets you practice and set boundaries to stay sober. Sharing concerns with others on the same path alleviates loneliness.

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We have one main goal at Altitude Recovery, and that is to provide recovery space for those still suffering from alcoholism and addiction. At our inpatient treatment facilities in Los Angeles, we believe that you can change your life, reconnect with your family, and heal yourself in recovery. 

We understand how easy it is to become isolated in your addiction, but we also know how beginning to connect with others will help you in recovery. Our professional, compassionate staff will partner with you to create an individualized approach to your recovery. We do not believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach to healing. Your treatment plan will be tailored to you based on your history and your overall health.

While we know that addiction affects everyone in similar ways, we also know that your circumstances aren’t exactly the same as someone else’s.  We know that everyone is capable of recovery when provided with the right tools in the right environment. Your recovery journey begins with wanting to get sober, and we can help you find your way from there. Contact us today so that we can help you to build your life in recovery!

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Aftercare Planning in Calabasas

Aftercare planning begins early on in your treatment. As you work through what brought you to your addiction, you will begin to identify the part of your life that may have to change. You and your treatment team will review your living arrangements, your job, and even your circle of friends.

Every part of your life will have to be viewed in terms of how it fits with your new life in recovery. If others in your home use drugs and alcohol, you might not want to live in the same house anymore. It may be time to change employment if you found yourself using drugs and alcohol with your coworkers.

If your entire social circle used drugs and alcohol, you might find that you do not wish to spend time with those friends anymore. Likewise, you may realize that you need extra support after you leave inpatient residential treatment. Drug rehab aftercare allows you to have additional support so that you have a safe and supportive environment for working your way through the pitfalls of early recovery. 

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