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This Is Why Luxury Rehab Facilities Can Help You Recover Faster

Did you know that California has over 6,000 fatal overdoses each year? Many individuals suffer from substance abuse problems. It’s essential to seek intervention for yourself or your loved one before it’s too late. 

Luxury rehab facilities combine treatment methods with upscale services and amenities. By staying in luxury rehab facilities, individuals can get on the road to recovery in a relaxing environment. The comfortable location can help many individuals cope with drug or alcohol addiction. 

This guide will discuss what luxury rehab facilities are and their benefits over other locations. Make the best decision for recovery from substance abuse disorders with the help of Altitude Recovery Community. 

What Are Luxury Rehab Facilities?

A luxury rehab center is a residential and upscale recovery program. The facility will offer high-quality alcohol and drug addiction treatment like standard rehab centers. The main difference between the two rehab centers is the location where clients receive treatment. 

Many luxury rehabilitation centers are located in the mountains or along the coast. Clients can stay in private accommodations and take advantage of upscale amenities. 

Some of the amenities you might encounter in a luxury rehab center include:

    • Aromatherapy

    • Acupuncture

    • Gold

    • Equine therapy

    • Hot tubs and pools

    • Spa treatments

    • Massage therapy

    • Yoga

    • Gourmet meals

    • Exercise facilities 

    • Private rooms

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Rehab?

Clients can experience more than high-end services when they stay at luxury rehab facilities. There are numerous benefits to choosing this type of service over others. 

Personalized Treatment Plan 

Clients who stay at a luxury rehab center won’t receive a cookie-cutter treatment plan. They’ll receive a treatment plan to fit their unique diagnoses and circumstances. 

For example, dual diagnosis treatment is commonly offered at luxury rehab facilities. Dual diagnosis treatment treats mental health and substance abuse issues. Some of the mental health issues that are addressed include:

    • Bipolar disorder

    • PTSD

    • Depression 

    • Anxiety

A custom treatment plan provides clients with a deeper level of accommodation and personalization for their individual needs. 

Undivided Attention 

Fewer clients attend a luxury rehab center. As a result, there is a low client-to-staff ratio. Staff members can get to know their clients more deeply since they can spend more time with them. 

Luxury rehab centers will have more freedom in tailoring their treatment plans to their clients. Clients will spend more time with their care providers due to a limited number of people. Many luxury rehab centers limit the number of clients they serve to ensure a high standard of care. 

Luxury rehab facilities can also invest more money in hiring accomplished professionals. They can create a staff that includes individuals trained in every aspect of recovery. This facet will significantly impact the success of a client’s recovery. 

Comprehensive Continuum of Care and Recovery Options

Some standard rehab centers focus on the symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse. They fail to look at the conditions and causes of addiction. One underlying cause of addiction might be trauma that stemmed from childhood abuse. 

Sometimes standard rehab facilities overlook co-occurring disorders, as we discussed earlier. Luxury rehab facilities will offer a full continuum of care and recovery options. 

At luxury rehab centers, treatment can start with detox. It can continue throughout a residential treatment program and finish with outpatient care. 

Clients at luxury rehab centers don’t have to worry about passing from provider to provider. They’ll get partnered with the same healthcare team throughout the entire process. 

Privacy for Clients 

Clients don’t need to feel ashamed for seeking help for their substance abuse problems. However, that doesn’t mean everyone needs to be in your private business. 

Luxury rehab facilities have strict security protocols and remote locations. Clients can feel comfortable that the facility is protecting their privacy. 

Many luxury rehab centers primarily have single-occupancy suites and rooms. Clients can enjoy anonymity and privacy during their treatment. They’ll have opportunities to interact with others but also have the chance to relax in the comfort of their room. 

Holistic Treatment Options

Both standard and luxury rehab centers offer therapies and detox from licensed specialists. Luxury rehab centers also offer holistic treatment options that address the following client needs:

    • Spiritual

    • Emotional

    • Mental

    • Physical 

These treatments can include music, EDMR, or art therapy. Clients can also access other activities, like horseback riding or meditation. These types of activities support a client’s healthy lifestyle and personal transformation. 

Peaceful Setting

Many standard rehab centers take place in a hospital-like setting. Luxury rehab facilities are usually in serene locations, such as the mountains or the beach. These types of locations provide a tranquil backdrop for clients to recover. 

For example, Altitude Recovery Community is located in Ventura County, California. We’ve created a safe and relaxing community just a few minutes away from the coast. Our environment is calming, ensuring there are no triggers within our facility. 

Fewer Distractions

It takes a lot of time and energy for individuals to recover from substance abuse problems. Clients will encounter fewer distractions in a luxury rehab facility. Some of the distractions you might find in a standard facility include:

    • Hard labor

    • Uncomfortable accommodations

    • Bad food

Staff members will handle the cleaning, cooking, and additional chores. Clients can focus on recovering from their problems and overcoming their addiction. 

What’s the Cost of Luxury Rehab?

You can expect a luxury rehab center to cost more than other types of recovery facilities. The cost can be covered by most PPO health insurance plans. However, the amenities might not be covered since insurance companies might not deem them essential. 

Learn More About Luxury Rehab Facilities 

Luxury rehab facilities in California will help you get on the road to recovery faster. You can spend time focusing on your healing in a relaxing and serene environment. 

Altitude Recovery Community is a California luxury rehab facility. Contact us today to speak with one of our advisors.