Opiate Addiction Treatment Ventura

Altitude Recovery Community is a pioneer rehab center for opiate addiction treatment in Ventura with science-based treatments and comfortable accommodations. We help individuals overcome their mental and behavioral disorders with customized treatments and therapies. Here are some of the signs of opiate addiction:

  • Changes In Appearance

Individuals with opioid addiction disorder exhibit a variety of physical and behavioral signs. Some of these signs include:

  1. Needle marks on the arms from intravenous drug use.
  2. Constricted pupils.
  3. Finding difficulty in staying awake.
  4. Falling asleep at inappropriate times.
  5. Flushed or itchy skin.

If you notice one or more of these signs in your loved ones, you need to talk to them about attending luxury drug rehabilitation treatment. The sooner they seek help from a top-rated modern drug and alcohol recovery center, the more the chances of attaining a safe and speedy recovery.

  • Withdrawing From Social Activities 

Individuals suffering from opiate abuse often find ways to stay in isolation to do drugs. If you or your loved one finds ways to avoid social gatherings, events, or family get-togethers, it may be time to seek luxury addiction treatment. Sometimes opiate users may find fake excuses and begin lying to avoid social events.

  • Sudden And Dramatic Mood Swings

Opioid use in the long term can severely affect the wiring in the brain and cause users to experience an array of psychological side effects like depression, impulsive behaviors, poor decision-making abilities, and mood swings. Joining an alcohol and drug addiction center for inpatient treatment can help you beat addiction and lead a sober life.

  • Engaging In Risky Activities

Opiate users may engage in risky activities and self-harming behaviors like getting into fights, driving under the influence, etc. If you find yourself in dangerous situations when under the influence, seek contemporary drug abuse treatment as soon as possible.

  • Visiting Multiple Doctors 

Individuals with an opiate addiction condition often visit multiple doctors a month to obtain more prescriptions from different treatment providers. Abusing prescription opiates in the long term can cause irreversible damage to your body and brain and severely affect your quality of life.

  • Absenteeism And Tardiness At Work

Those abusing opiates may miss work or school and face problems for lack of focus and poor performance. Opiate addiction can cause you to feel hungover for several hours, causing you to miss or be late to work. Opiate abuse may also affect an individual’s productivity and cause them to lose their job eventually.

  • Increased Tolerance

If your body urges you to use opiates in large doses to feel its euphoric effects, you may have developed an increased tolerance to the drug. Higher tolerance for opiates is never good as it means taking over your body faster than you think. 

Call us at 866-337-0621 to sign up for treatment. Our opiate addiction treatment in Ventura can prepare you for lasting success with sobriety and equip you with essential life skills to lead a sober and successful life. Altitude Recovery Community is a luxury recovery center for drug and alcohol addiction disorder. 

Opiate Addiction Treatment Ventura

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Opiate Addiction Treatment Ventura

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