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Heroin is a prevalent substance of abuse in the United States. While the factors that influence the use of heroin and its development varies, the result is still the same: your inability to quit using despite its adverse consequences. Fortunately, an alcohol and drug addiction center can keep you safe and comfortable during heroin detox Newbury Park and promote permanent sobriety through long-term recovery. Continue reading to learn more about the abuse of heroin, its signs and symptoms, and how a modern drug and alcohol recovery center can help you reclaim your life.

What is Heroin?

This is an exceedingly addictive drug that offers considerably satisfying cognitive effects. Heroin is classified as both a depressant and a Schedule I drug, which means at present, there are no accepted medical uses for the drug, and there is an extremely high potential for abuse. The drug is synthesized from morphine, an opiate substance that is extracted from some particular types of poppy plants.

When you use heroin, it activates opioid receptors in the brain, which eventually alter pain perception and a euphoric feeling. With the accompanying dopamine rush in the brain reward center, the continued use of heroin is reinforced. This often compels the user to want more heroin.

Heroin Withdrawal

When you are physically dependent on heroin and then suddenly tries to stop using it, you may experience a series of distressing and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of heroin withdrawal like diarrhea, achy bones and muscles, chills, and vomiting can often make it more challenging to quit because you may be tempted to start using again to avoid the hostile sensations of withdrawal. Fortunately, professional heroin detox Newbury Park can go a long way to make this withdrawal phase more comfortable for those that are looking to quit heroin.

How Do you Know Whether You Need Heroin Addiction Treatment?

You may already recognize some signs and symptoms that indicate you might be struggling with opioid use disorder like failing to manage use, cravings to use heroin, continuously using despite its adverse consequence, and experiencing hostile withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop or slow down. Having said that, it may be best for you to speak with your doctor or other health professional. Heroin addiction treatment at Altitude Recovery Community can be customized to fit your individual needs.

What is Heroin Addiction Treatment?

You can benefit from professional and luxury drug rehabilitation. Heroin addiction treatment can help you stop using the drug and remain sober so that you can live a healthier, productive life in the long term. Despite the extremely addictive nature of heroin, many people have undergone successful treatment for their addiction. Through a combination of detoxification, medication, and behavioral therapies that promote positive behaviors and thought patterns, you can begin long-term recovery.

Luxury Addiction Treatment

At Altitude Recovery Community, we’ll be beside you every step of the way. At our contemporary drug abuse treatment facility, we provide compassionate care in a serene and safe environment, where we’ll help you address your heroin addiction and begin the journey to a healthier, drug-free life. Contact us today to learn more about our heroin treatment programs.

Heroin Detox Newbury Park

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Heroin Detox Newbury Park

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