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Science says that some people are more susceptible to addiction because of their body makeup. However, every one of us can get into addiction because nobody is entirely immune. Getting hooked on an addiction illness is as easy as taking the drug for several weeks, where your body soon develops a dependency, and your brain goes haywire if it does not have extra stimulation.

Heroin Addiction

The body produces endorphins naturally, such as when we hug a friend, engage in a hobby or an activity that triggers the hormonal reward system. Heroine levels up the production of a heroine so that you are constantly feeling good and euphoric even when you are getting into any activity to trigger the hormone production. The trap of addiction happens when the drug wears off, and you have come face to face with the severe ill aftermath of reduced euphoria.

Consistent heroin use could quickly develop an addiction, making it impossible for you to stop using it by sheer will. Altitude Recovery is an alcohol and drug addiction center that provides comprehensive care for heroin detox, withdrawal, and recovery and information for you to understand the withdrawal timeline.

The Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

It takes time for the brain to get to terms with normal functioning when you finally quit a drug use habit. The body will fight back against this and maintain its normal function with intense withdrawal symptoms like seizures, sweating, and more. A recovery timeline will look something as follows:

  • The first couple of hours will be the beginning of the withdrawal phase
  • The peak of symptoms will happen after one or three days
  • Most withdrawals will subside after a week

Beginning Of Heroin Withdrawal

The signs will look different for all people, depending on their genetic and chemical makeup, length of drug use, the intensity of the addiction, and the presence of other drugs in the system. The most common symptoms include:

  • Agitation
  • Cravings
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Headaches

Length Of The Withdrawal Duration In A Luxury Drug Rehabilitation Facility

As stated, the process will peak in several days before it tapers off after one week while in a modern drug and alcohol recovery center. The exact and total amount of time also depends on your body, so our primary job is to support the process with metabolizing substances that speed up the detox. Our comprehensive addiction treatment eases the brain from the chaotic hormonal changes, making you less pained and frustrated while adjusting to a healthier you.

Starting The Recovery Process

Heroin addiction can never be resolved in an instant, which is the reason that rehab centers offer comprehensive treatment plans to manage stress and develop better coping strategies.

Please do not stop the addiction cold turkey because it will be more tempting to relapse and get into an even worse addiction. Our luxury addiction treatment has enough medication to prevent setbacks and allow for a slow and steady healing process. Most importantly, many people who die during an at-home detox suffer from uncontrolled vomiting, heart failure, and rapid dehydration. Half of the people under addiction also need dual diagnosis treatment to heal from mental disorders and allow overall health in mind.

Allow our heroin detox center near me to help you with a team of professionals with all the right tools and resources by scheduling a confidential callback for more details on contemporary drug abuse treatment.

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