Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

Altitude Recovery Community is one of the A-listed drug rehab centers near me with premier accommodations, luxury amenities, and advanced treatments and therapies. We focus on helping our clients embrace sobriety and attain holistic wellness with our integrated treatment approach and personalized care.

Difference Between Luxury And Regular Rehab Centers?

Luxury and non-luxury rehab facilities focus on helping individuals break free from addiction and attain sobriety. Common features between both treatment facilities include checking yourself into a controlled environment, intensive recovery programs, and 24-hour medical support. While both luxury and non-luxury rehab can be effective when you are honest, open, and willing to participate in the healing process, some of the differences between the two include:

Recovery At A Non-Luxury Rehab

A non-luxury alcohol and drug addiction center does not offer upscale amenities, and you may have to share rooms with other recovering addicts. Food is quite basic, and you will get to choose it off of a set menu. These facilities offer limited amenities, and programs typically last between 28 days and six months. A non-luxury rehab center typically uses traditional therapies like group therapy, family therapy, biofeedback, etc., to help patients reach sobriety. The facilities are usually close to the patient’s hometown, making it easier for friends and family to visit.

Recovery At A Luxury Rehab Center

Luxury rehab refers to receiving treatment at an upscale facility, usually outside your home state or country. Luxury addiction treatment centers allow you to travel for recovery and help you heal in an exotic setting away from your everyday triggers. Luxury rehab programs focus on traditional intensive rehabilitation programs and use innovative and unique treatment modalities to help recovering addicts attain their wellness goals. The creative therapies you receive at a luxury rehab can provide you with a therapeutic healing experience. More importantly, you will receive massage therapy and spa treatments and relax in the lush scenery and breathtaking views surrounding our facility.

What Can You Bring To Luxury Rehab?

It is pivotal that you carry along a month of toiletries, seven days’ worth of clothing, a pair of casual shoes, athletic shoes, and sandals to rehab. Most rehabs suggest clients leave the non-essentials at home due to the limited space available at the facility.

Luxury drug rehabilitation centers allow recovering addicts to use their phones and laptops to help them maintain their job responsibilities. Be sure to carry a journal to jot down your everyday experiences at a modern drug and alcohol recovery center.

Can I Work Remotely From A Luxury Rehab Facility?

While we recommend our clients take time off from work to focus on healing, we allow them to continue their work-related responsibilities remotely. It is pivotal that you see contemporary drug abuse treatment as an investment in future success instead of seeing it as a diversion from your ongoing projects and work commitments.

Your never-ending search for the best drug rehab centers near me ends here. Call us at 866-337-0621 to join Altitude Recovery Community, the leading luxury addiction recovery center with evidence-based and holistic therapies. We help our clients heal from past trauma, mental health problems, and behavioral disorders and attain improved wellness. Get in touch with us today.

Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

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Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

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