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Alcohol detox in Newbury Park can mark the first step of your recovery journey and can prepare you for lasting success with sobriety. Altitude Recovery Community is a top-rated rehab center with luxury amenities, gourmet meals, and experienced clinical staff. We offer unsurpassed detox, inpatient treatment, and ongoing care programs in Newbury Park.

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is the process of eliminating the waste products and toxins from your body linked to long-term drug or alcohol abuse. Our luxury drug rehabilitation facility accompanies alcohol detoxification with medication, medical observation, and counseling. Detoxification is a medical procedure that reduces physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and includes counseling before and during medical detox to prepare you for the treatment.

Individuals suffering from long-term alcohol or drug abuse disorder need medical detox to overcome the withdrawal phase safely. Besides, detoxification restores your brain's chemical makeup to its pre-addiction state and prepares you for lasting success with sobriety.

Are There Any Side Effects To Alcohol Detox?

While detox reduces the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, patients may experience some side effects after the detoxification procedure. You may experience anxiety, vomiting, nausea, insomnia, and convulsions in the first couple of hours of ceasing alcohol consumption.

The second or post-acute withdrawal phase in recovery can last for months. Recovering addicts typically experience poor appetite, mood swings, and depression during this phase.

Why Can't I Detox Alone?

Detoxing at home is never a wise idea as it can lead to fatal health consequences. As someone with no medical knowledge or experience, you may not know what medication to use and their dosages. The withdrawal symptoms can also be intense in the first couple of hours of quitting drug or alcohol use and can lead to dangerous health consequences, suicidal behaviors, and harm to those around you.

Receiving medical detox in the presence of an experienced clinical team at a leading luxury addiction treatment center can help you achieve sobriety safely. It can also reduce your risk for relapse in the long term.

Alcohol Detox Process

Alcohol detox is the first step in a long-term contemporary drug abuse treatment program and helps you safely overcome the painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. You may choose to receive medical detox at an inpatient or outpatient modern drug and alcohol recovery center. However, heavy users require around-the-clock medical monitoring. Medical detox involves three steps:

  1. Intake – Our medical team will review your drug history, medical status, and psychiatric health during intake to fully understand your addiction situation.
  2. Medication – The clinical staff at our alcohol and drug addiction center will plan the medications based on the severity of your addiction and substance abuse and administer them to mitigate withdrawal symptoms. We also administer medications to alleviate co-occurring disorders and general discomfort in recovery.
  3. Stabilization – Following detox, we stabilize our patients with medical and psychological therapies and help recovering addicts reach a balance of mind and body.

Get in touch with us today at 866-337-0621 to begin a liberating journey towards sobriety. Altitude Recovery Community offers the best alcohol detox in Newbury park in a world-class treatment facility with highly qualified and experienced clinical staff. Contact us today to join the #1 rehab facility for alcohol detox.

Alcohol Detox Newbury Park

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Alcohol Detox Newbury Park

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